Services Included

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From / To Airport  Services
Sailpaths and our dedicated partners will pick you up from the airport and take you to the yacht. Furthermore, after you Boutique cruise finishes, we will take you back to the airport.
Tour Guides
In our Thematic Itineraries we include excursions to Historic or Romantic places. These excursions are led by a tour guide that has expertise in the specific place.
Tour Coaches
Furthermore, we already have arranged the way you will visit these historic and/or romantic places.
Menu (All Inclusive)
There is an all-inclusive menu with your itinerary. We strongly advise you in case you are a vegetarian or allergic to a specific ingredient to inform us. In such a case we will design together a Meal Plan that is suitable to you.
Check In / Check Out
Before the Yacht leaves and/or returns to the harbor, there is a specific and tedious process. Do not worry, we will take care all of this process for you.
Yacht Crew
The yacht is always staffed with a specialized crew covering the key positions of Captain, Mechanic, Hostess and a Chef.
Port Costs
Our itineraries are perfect in visiting many Greek islands. However, each port has a cost for using the services. Sailpaths, has taken all of this under consideration and you will not be hassled for this process.
Our itineraries cover any local taxes that are applicable to Greece. Hence, everything is covered from the beginning of your trip.
Our itineraries require the yachts to travel a lot. Do not worry fuel is already paid and you do not need to worry about any costs.


Create bold experiences to places that history thrives. Get where everything started, thousands of years ago and live it the way a sea lover only can.
An incredible experience for yachting lovers.
Itineraries for standard yacht cruises departing every Saturday from Apr. to Oct.