The Romantic Sunset from Cape Sounio

Close your eyes and see yourself and your partner in our Luxury Yacht ready for a small romantic adventure just for the two of you.  Our first stop is one of the most beautiful and idyllic spots on the planet where the primordial energy of the Temple of Poseidon joins with the blue attic sky and the crystal Aegean Sea.

The magical place with its ancient vibes is Sounio, which in recent years has become one of the most popular and rising destinations with visitors from all over the world. It has been declared as a National Park, with its beauties and natural landscapes enchanted at first glance.

From the cliff of Sounio, the visitor has the chance to experience a magnificent sunset overlooking the Temple and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.  A sea that was named after Athenian King Aegeas, who stood on the rock waiting to see the return of his son, Theseus from Crete.   When he saw the black sails he believed that his son had died by the Minotaur.  From his sadness he committed suicide by felling off the rock.  This is only one story from the many that is associated with Sounio.  Homer reports that Menelaus, when returning from Troy, buried his captain in the holy place of Sounio.

Visiting the Temple of Poseidon, with the tremendous view of the Saronic Gulf and the tremendous coastal route that leads up to it, is definitely something that is worth seeing and will remain unforgettable and unchangeable in memory with its uniqueness.

It is such the charm of the area, which even Lord Byron did not resist and carved his signature on the south portico. The poet often visited Sounio, where the poem "Islands of Greece" was inspired.

“To Sounio the marble rock I will sit,

The Aegean wave I choose as my companion,

The wave only to listen and the wave to listen to me,

And there with a swan song I can die.”

However, apart from the history it carries, Sounio hides a secret mystery and a magnificent view. It has beautiful beaches and it is an ideal destination for a romantic swimming below the Temple of Poseidon.  A secret beach still exists that may remind you theShipwreck in Zante, or some wild Ikarian beach or any exotic place your mind has traveled.

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