The 5 most romantic paths in and under the Acropolis

Five magic paths, under the moonlight, on cobbled streets, in and under the Acropolis streets. Why?........

It's simple, because Athens is love and passion. 

1) Dionysiou Areopagitou - Apostle Paul

It is not accidental the first romantic stroll path that comes to our minds when we talk about romance a la Athenian. The two most beautiful pedestrian streets of Athens enjoy uninterrupted views of the illuminated Acropolis. The idyllic nostalgic music playing by street musicians every evening, but also the half-lit cobbled streets will take us to cinematic and romantic stories under the Acropolis.

We recommend starting your stroll from Makrigiannis Street and going down to Thissio (instead of the reverse route that most people do) because we know that the slightly uphill road does not make a good combination with the probable gasp sound effects of the first appointments!!

At the end of Dionysiou Areopagitou, towards Pikioni's cobbled street you can find and grab one of the stone benches under the trees, which decorate the foothills of Philopappou and have a rest.

2) The hill of Philopappou

The hill of Philopappou, named after the corresponding monument discovered in it, is one of the most beautiful hills in Athens. With a strong element of ancient Greece, full of olive trees and overlooking one of the most beautiful aspects of the Parthenon, Philopappou hill seems to concentrate a great part of Greek history, ancient and contemporary, in a single picture. At the top of the hill beyond the Parthenon, you can admire the Acropolis Museum, the Herod, the entire Apostle Paul street as well as the Observatory. With a little clear sky, you will be wide-eyed with astonishment by the beautiful view of the sea.

Especially during the nights, the hill of Philopappus is transformed into a luster of Athens, as its only bright spot is the monument that emerges through an orange light.

After a romance in Philopappou, many neighbourhoods areas are resting in its shade. Thissio, Monastiraki, Koukaki, Petralona. Choose one and have fun until the stars are hidden from the sky. 

3) Anafiotika

 Anafiotika is an area probably the most romantic and certainly one of the quietest points in Athens. Especially when it begins to darken, when the people ascending to Thespidos street and then the stairs next to Ai-Giorgis you will start feeling awe of the area. The Cycladic serenity of the neighborhood, combined with its atmospheric illumination, inspires conversations. There you can also find some tavernas with Greek cuisine and traditional meals.

We also have a secret for you: Next to the house with the number 34 (Anafiotika area has no street names, only numbers outside their sixty buildings) is the unique point-to-view of the neighborhood: a low terrace from where you can see the lights of the city to spread out on your feet, and the illuminated rock of Lycabettus across the street.

located across from the Acropolis, southwest. It is connected to the adjacent hills of the Observatory (Nymph Hill) and Pnyx. At its top there is the Philopappou monument built by Philopappos during the Roman period and gave its name to the hill.

4) The "lower" Ermou Street

 Incredibly quieter than its "top" section of the street, this pedestrian part starts from the Gazi area and ends at Thisio. It has a permanent background of the luminous Acropolis and passes by the most atmospheric archaeological site of Kerameikos that host here and there idyllic musicians and improvised milongas - tango nights, with people dancing on the street.

It is also one of the few Athenian pedestrian streets that somebody can enjoy the view of the open skyline, while its exceptionally low lighting guarantees the unobstructed view of the starry sky. There are benches opposite to neoclassical décor such as that of the Union of Archaeologists, for a quick stop while you admire the beauty of the area.

5) The Plaka area

Plaka is an area full of secret paths and alleys and maybe the most famous touristic point in Athens. The cosmopolitan Kydathinian and Hadrian's streets are overcrowded with people looking for a tavern to eat and drink local courses. Take the Panos Street, in front of the Roman Market, to start walking and enjoy the panoramic views of the city, before going down to the quiet streets of Andokidou, Eparchamos, Thespidos and Rangas. You can end up in the shady café of Glyki, at the end of Angelos Elder's Street. 

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