Cruising in Greece

Enjoy your activities with the best tips for the best known (and uknown) places that you should visit during your luxury cruise in Greek Islands.

4 Historical spots in Santorini

Welcome to the Aegean Sea; the wild volcanic sculptures with the simple Cycladic lines make Santorini one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Santorini is an island of Cyclades and I suppose that if Ian Lancaster Fleminghad been immortal, perhaps he would be living in Santorini today…….

Having felt the adrenaline of the island in its entire splendor, ready to explode, we thought we would share our favorite adventure spots with y'all. 

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The 5 most romantic paths in and under the Acropolis

Five magic paths, under the moonlight, on cobbled streets, in and under the Acropolis streets. Why?........

It's simple, because Athens is love and passion. 

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6 Things to know about Parthenon - Acropolis

The special "geography" of Athens and the Millennial History of the city with its corners, monuments and buildings reflect a nostalgic ancient period. The Acropolis (literally 'high part of the city') is one of the most important monuments in the Western world, and it is located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens.

The Acropolis contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon that means 'house of the virgin'. 

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Why Choose a Boutique Yacht in Greece for Your 2019 Holidays

Boutique Yachts in Greece Sailpaths
​ Imagine yourself being on a yacht with white sails billowing against a clear blue sky and the sun illuminates your path. Hear the water as it splashes up against the sides and the seagull's sounds in the distance. You only feel the gentle motion of the boat and the refreshing soft breeze on your face. Are you still a yacht skeptic? Well...
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