5 Places to fall in Love in Mykonos

Little Venice

It is called Little "Venice" and it is the most photographed place of the island.This magnificent place is a residential area near the sea, which was built from the middle of the 18th century, and they were the houses of rich merchants and captains.

It gives you the sense that you are in a small neighbourhood of Venice.

Colourful loggia, windows, doors, stairs, wooden balconies literally bordered by the waves, transmit you all the vibes from the famous Italian city.

The multicolored two floor houses build at the edge of the sea; with their balcony hanging over the Aegean provide the perfect card postal. Little Venice due to the picturesque small bars provides the perfect place to stroll both night and day.

The sun set in Little Venice is one of the most amazing ones, as the Sun is sunk in the Aegean Sea.

The Wind Mills

The Five Wind Mills are located in the southeastern part of Mykonos "Chora", next to the sea, between the picturesque Alefkandra and the district of Niohori.

The Mills impresses visitors with their whitewashed, voluminous volumes in turn, oriented towards the sea.

The mills of Mykonos, contributed decisively between the 17th and the 19th century to the financial strength of the island, which, as a necessary stop for the Aegean sailing ships, was supplied with a nut. Losing their economic importance with the development of technology after World War I, they emerged as one of the most popular monuments of the Cyclades, and their image, as a "trademark", traveled to the ends of the world, in the neighborhood of Alefkantras in Little Venice. 

Platis Gialos 

Gialos is a seaside settlement distinguished by its tourist infrastructure. It is located on the south side of the island, just 4 km from Mykonos Town. The beach of "Platis Yialos", with its endless golden sand coasts and its well-equipped facilities, attracts the lovers of water sports and not only! 

From here you can reach either on foot or with the excursion boats, the most famous beaches of the island, Paradise and Super Paradise, and live at the wildest pace of a beach party!!

Small Alleys

The small streets in the cosmopolitan Matoyianni, will lead you to the most picturesque corners of the island. The small alleys are countless, labyrinthine, whitewashed, and always something new to reveal! It is enough for you to walk and let them reveal to you generously their hidden surprises.

Sometimes they turn into small squares and tiny chapels, sometimes leading to quiet neighbourhoods or crowded paraglide. But every time and every moment they seduce you with their Cycladic beauty. 

Armenistis Beacon

Armenistis was built in 1890 and equipped with the most modern lighting equipment of the time, which was exhibited and awarded one year ago at the Paris International Exhibition.

It is one of the oldest and greatest beacons of the Aegean Sea that offered its light to the seafarers until the 1980s.

The Mykonos Lighthouse, except that it helped secure the crossing of the ships, gave rise to the birth of a historical friendship. Near the end of World War II a group of young boys called "Aeras" raided Armenistis, arrested the German soldiers.In 1974 one of the members of the "Aera", Kostas Zouganelis received a letter from a German who said he was looking for the boys who had captured him. Due to his arrest he was not send in the battlefield of Eastern Front, where he would normally continue and where thousands of Germans died.The two men met and created a life lasting friendship,

It is located on the north coast of Mykonos and it is definitely worth looking for the best sunrise of the island! 

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