By definition when you post content to Sailpaths platform, you agree to abide by the Sailpaths policies and term. We reserve the right to remove any content, in whole or part, that is against these policies and terms, or for any other reason in our sole discretion.

At Sailpaths we are sensitive and any decision we make on whether any specific content is prohibited will be final and conclusive.

In the event that an account is repeatedly operates against our policies and agreement or their violation is severe, then the Sailpaths may suspend or cancel the account.

Sailpaths expect that Boat owners/Captains/Hostesses create listings that are honest, clear, and helpful to potential renters.  We prohibit and we reserve our right to legally act if the listings and/or profiles include content:

  • of advertising

  • that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activity

  • with political, religious, or social commentary

  • to impersonate another person

  • that is false or deceptive

Reviews is the pillar of our services. We prohibit and we reserve our right to legally act if the reviews are:

  • are false and deceptive.

  • unrelated to the actual booking experience

  • endorsing or promoting illegal or harmful activity.

  • violating another person or entity’s rights

  • proven to be used as extortion.

Reviews is the pillar of our servicesand the main tool for Sailpaths users to share their experiences and make decisions.

Any misuse of the reviews is prohibited and we reserve our right to legally act.  Sailpaths will not allow

  • Renters to threaten to use reviews or ratings in an attempt to force a boat owner/skipper/captain/hostess to provide refunds, additional compensation, or a reciprocal positive review.

  • Boat owners/skippers/captains/hostesses are not allowed to require a renter to leave a positive review or rating, or to revise a review in exchange for a partial or full refund, or reciprocal review.

If you have experienced extortion, please report it to Sailpaths for further investigation and action.