Packing Tips

Travel Documents - Currency
A passport or an ID card for EU member countries, travelling in Europe, is a necessity as well as a copy of it; keep it in a separate place, in case your original is lost.
For non European Union members travelling in Europe, you should confirm, with the destination country consulate as to whether you need to apply for a visa before arriving to the country.
Do not forget to bring your sailing certificates, in case you will captain the boat, as well as your boat rental information. Furthermore, in case you intend to lease a car, motorbike or other vehicle whilst on holiday you should also bring your driving license.
It is advisable to bring your personal holiday insurance documents, should you have, and the EU medical card should be included in your hand luggage if you are from a European Union member country.
We strongly recommend that you bring a combination of cash together with your debit/credit cards so as to have flexibility. You can use ATMs in most places to acquire the country’s currency.
It is advisable to contact with your bank and confirm that your bankcards operate in the country of destination.
Luggage - Clothing
Firstly, keep in mind that storage spaces on sailing vessels are usually limited and not helpful to hard-sided suitcases. Hence, it is preferable to pack in soft bags, as they’re much easier to stow away in lockers onboard. Furthermore, it will be an advantage if you have waterproof carrying containers such as dry bags or just thrown in some double zip lock bags for the safety of your personal belongings.
As far as the clothing part is concerned, it is a tricky part as it is always correlated with the season of your destination country.
For example, if your holiday falls within summer, during the days aboard the boat you only need your swimsuits and perhaps a cover-up. Also, you should choose light clothing T-shirts and shorts as well as something casual for the evenings. The majority of island restaurants are casual so this is helpful, as most people on a sailing vacation prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Nonetheless, a windproof jacket should also be included for the chilly nights.
For other sailing seasons, a fleece/sweater and some warm trousers may be necessary and it’s wise to include wet weather gear too - just in case!
For all seasons’ non-slip, closed-toe shoes (deck shoes/sports shoes) are a must for safety on board.
Make sure you have your own sun hat or sun visor, sunglasses and sunscreen with at least SPF 15 for protection from the sun. They are a must as reflection from the water means you soak up a lot of sun while sailing. So, it is advisable to include a sunburn soother – just in case!
Finally, sailing gloves will protect your hands in case you will be actively sail.
If you take prescribed medicine, it is necessary to bring enough with you for the duration of your holiday and maybe a couple of extra in case of travel delays when returning home.
Although all our yachts have a basic first aid kit, it is a good idea to carry one of your own which should include travel sickness pills, aspirin or non-aspirin pain relievers, anti-diarrhea medication, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, antihistamine cream/gel for insect bites and a sunburn soother.
Toiletries and Food
You will probably find everything you need in the local supermarkets and pharmacies although some brands of soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc. tend to be more expensive to the local harbor-side shops.
However, if you have food allergies it is advisable to bring the substitutes you use at home as they may not be readily available in the small shops you will be using.
For the Kids
All the sailing vessels are supplied with children's life jackets but if you have particularly small children, you may want to bring your own to ensure a comfortable fit.
It is advisable to bring any electronic, travel-sized board game or any other toy they can’t be without for their free time.
Also, a disposable or waterproof camera is great and fun for kids.
Useful Extras
You will need a continental 2-pin plug adapter for use on shore in tavernas, restaurants & cafes.
It is also advisable to bring along a small flashlight so as to have it in your cabin as a dingy “headlight” when returning to your boat after a night ashore.
Although most of the sailing vessels have snorkel equipment already on board, in case you don’t feel comfortable with that you can bring along your own snorkeling gear.
For sharing your personal sailing vacation’s moments with your beloveds, don’t forget to bring a digital camera with an extra memory card and a set of batteries in case you are unable to recharge it. Be sure to use a waterproof bag for its protection.
Finally, in your bag you can include some small items like playing cards or paperback books for your free time on board or even some CDs, usb-sticks since most sailing vessels have audio equipment aboard.
To make things easy, here’s a checklist!