About Us

From 2016 until now, our passion for travelling was the perfect vehicle to quench our thirst and spot the difficulties that a traveller faces, from the beginning until the end during these precious days of his vacations.

We the Sailpaths people and our partners approach your future travelling experiences with respect and help you prepare yourselves for exploring the seas around the world and its beauties through simple steps. Then, all you need is to share these life-lasting memories with your beloved.

So, lock the target itinerary you desire, pick your boat and allow the Sailpaths people to accomplish the mission.

After all, experiences must tell stories and exotic moments must speak to the soul.

Maria an outgoing personality with a curious character acquired her sailing skipper license in 2002 and an avid foreign language tutor and writer (English and Italian) for the past 20 years. She decided to combine all her skills by cofounding SAILPATHS.
John a diverse financier with a 15 year experience in various industries (Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Food Production) and companies (ING, Baxter Healthcare, Carrefour, IKEA, ELBISCO), found his path by cofounding SAILPATHS.